Brand Ambassador-

I've always been curvy/fluffy/on the higher end of the BMI "normal" numbers. But I've always wanted to be Fit/Lean/Healthy. I wasn't really active until the end of high school, where, after 5 years of trying out for cheerleading I was finally accepted to the JV squad my Junior year. My senior year I was promoted to captain of JV squad and my fitness level remained the same.  

Into college, I got a membership to the on campus gym, but was very intimidated by the weight section, so I only would do stairs treadmill and the rower for an hour combined and call that my workout. 

 As I was finishing up my college career in 2013, I was tired of not seeing results, so consciously I made the decision to unhealthily lose the weight then add it back on healthily. I was eating once a day and doing a lot of walking. I was down to 140 lbs and looked skeletal. Mid 2014 I joined 11 other friends and we ran the Reno Tahoe Odyssey. The end of 2014 I found Kaia fitness and spent a few months with them. And eventually switched over to for a white. More cardio.

 I began dating my now husband April 2015 and a few months in, I started gaining weight from not exercising anymore, only line dancing a few hours a week and being happy in the relationship. He proposed April 2016 and I was not how I wanted to look on my wedding day September 2016. April 2017 I hit my all time heaviest/unhealthiest of 177 lbs. Being comfortable and happy in married life is a thing

By mid 2018 I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. So I began following fitness people on instagram and youtube. I started researching supplements and figuring out why people were taking and using those products. And one day, I saw a glitzy sparkly bikini sparkling in someone's youtube video and was immediately interested. I started researching bikini bodybuilding meal plans, workout plans, prep timelines. End of 2018 I started reaching out to local trainers for their pricing and what all was included. I decided on a trainer and paid her end of January 2019 and we started February 1. I'm so happy and healthy. I feel good, I don't get sick anymore, I'm happy mentally and emotionally.